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On more of a personal note, we purchased a house almost two years ago, but it really feels like it was just a few months ago!  We, my family, are absolutely in love with this home out in the country with fruit trees and grapevines, it has truly been a blessing and such an inspiration for more creativity and time in nature.  With the additional space, I'm able to have an art studio in the kitchen of an empty inlaw apartment right in my basement!


Why You Need Rose Water In Your Life

Would you give yourself flowers every day?

There's nothing quite like the loving feeling you get receiving a bouquet of beautiful red roses or walking past a blooming rose bush still fresh with dew filling the air with sweet love.

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Win a Free 1 Hour Henna Session from In Fine Feathers!

So, you want to win a Free Henna Session?  Here's how to do it!

#1.  Share this video all over your social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, etc.)  making sure you tag me by typing #infinefeathers in every post.


In Fine Feathers Gift Ideas and Introducing Hengua

Enjoy this short video, great gift ideas from 100% beesewax candles, Italian horn necklaces and introducing Hengua, a mix of henna and jagua for a different shade of henna that is still safe and non-toxic.



Kitchen Chat: Fall Preview, New Items

Hellooooo!  I've been waiting to do one of these vids for a while now so here it is!  Kitchen chat with a preview of some new items, great gift ideas, stocking stuffers coming this Fall!





What You Should Know About Henna Tattoos

I know, I talk about this a lot.

However, there is so much misguided information swirling around the internet and I am doing my part to spread useful knowledge.

What is henna?

Is it safe?

I am going to address this here because:

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