Why You Need Rose Water In Your Life

Would you give yourself flowers every day?

There's nothing quite like the loving feeling you get receiving a bouquet of beautiful red roses or walking past a blooming rose bush still fresh with dew filling the air with sweet love.   Since that doesn't happen for most of us very often, it helps to find other, more useful ways to bring the benefits of the rose in our daily lives.  

Rest assured, you can actually bottle that feeling and use it for even greater good!  Here are some ways to bring the essence of roses into all areas of your life and why you need to be doing it right now!  



It's important to know that we are talking about Pure Rose Water, otherwise known as Pure Rose Hydrosol.  This is the natural by-product of rose essential oil production by the steam method.  This should not be confused with distilled water with rose essential oil drops in it or other non-pure products that contain glycerine, though those products are commonly referred to as Rose Water as well.


1.  Rose Water reduces redness and inflammation as well as improves PH balance in the skin when used as a toner.  Dermatologists commonly recommend Rose Water for patients suffering from rosacea, acne, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

2.  A great cleanser, works wonders for gently removing dirt from clogged pores while leaving the skin lightly scented. 

3.  Use in a spritz bottle to set your makeup while giving you a lovely glow!  

4.  De-puffs your eyes!  Increase the benefits by storing your Rose Water in the fridge. 

5.  The anti-oxidant properties help strengthen skin cells, regenerate skin tissues and aid in the healing of scars and wounds.

6.  Works wonders for aging skin by moisturizing and revitilizing, preventing wrinkles.  

7.  Treats inflanmatory dandruff  and dry scalp.

8.  Gives hair shine, lustre, fights frizz and leaves a lingering scent.

9.  Helps heal dry chapped lips.

10.  Soak in it!  Add it to bathwater for a relaxing soak and feel just as regal as Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette who were known to use Rose Water quite frequently.  In fact, Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ships in Rose Water.  Talk about making an entrance!

11.  After the bath, the anti-bacterial properties makes it a great mouthwash, if you are into that kind of intense experience.  You can always dilute it with water, a little goes a long way!

12.  Spritz furniture, curtains, linens and bedding for a relaxing scent.

13.  Does your cat or dog have a dry coat?  Rose Water is a pet-safe non-toxic natural moisturizer and they will smell so good!  I don't recommend chasing kitty around the house with a spray bottle.  For cats, dab rose water on a cotton swab and pet it on, they will never know!  

14.  You can drink and cook with it!  Actually Rose Water is commonly used in authentic Middle Eastern cooking.  Again, a little goes a long way and if you don't want to feel like you've stuffed 9 dozen roses in your piehole, go easy on it!  Trust me, I know.  For a more pleasant experience, try adding a drop or two to red wine, coffee or a lemon spritz water. Another benefit of drinking Rose Water is it helps you to relax which brings us to...

15.  This one's for all the Yogis out there, Rose Water opens the Heart Chakra!   The essence of Roses has been known to help clear energy blocks in the heart chakra.  The scent leaves you with a feeling of peace and love.  The mere act of using Rose Water in your daily life is one way to show yourself the love you deserve.  


 Head over here to purchase  your very own spritz bottle of  Pure  Rose Hydrosol Facial  Toner and see for yourself!






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Why You Need Rose Water In Your Life | In Fine Feathers

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