Here you are amidst all original and handmade items that call out to dancers, performers and those that have awakened their free-spirited nature. 

Welcome to In Fine Feathers, culturally infused art and regalia.   I make everything here and offer a variety of one of a kind and made to order items as well as many best-selling items that are always available.    My talents are self formed, inspired by dance, customs, folklore and fiction novels that tell of far away places and times all tied together with an underlying thread of spreading empowering messages throughout.   I hope that you will truly enjoy browsing through my Collections  to find something that speaks to you. 

In Fine Feathers is the feeling you get when expressing yourself in a way that allows your uniqueness to shine and sets you apart from the rest, true to you and what you represent.  

 This is my fifth year operating as a business and each year adds more dimension to In Fine Feathers.  I now offer items such as Custom Feather Headdresses, Tribal and Feather Jewelry using feathers that I dye by hand and I am expanding my custom Dance Hoop selections and henna painted items.   I have always been the type that when I discover something I love, I nurture and grow it and within it.  I absolutely listen to my intuition when making custom orders which is very rewarding especially when my customers give me feedback telling me that this item is perfect for them, truly captures their personality.  Most of my business comes from custom, made to order requests so please contact me to create something just for you!