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It's time to try something new...

Discover why so many hoopers are in love with minis!  Mini hoops are made specifically for off body moves that look amazing while provide a good arm workout and help with coordination and balance.  Just by learning to use mini hoops you are going to be teaching yourself the fundamentals of flow arts that you can carry over and enhance your hoopdance routine. 

These mini hoops are as durable as they are pretty.  Made from lighter 1/2 inch tubing and decorated with your custom choice of colors.  Choose your custom size from 17 - 25 inches in diameter.  Similiar to waist hoops the smaller hoops are for the more advanced hoopers.  I have found that average hoopers do well with a set of 22 inch minis. 

Your hoops will be matching in both size and color.  The tape options for this listing are solid colored duck tape with a silver or gold chrome stripe around it.  Want to get fancy?  You can upgrade your order with specialty tapes, color morphing, mirror, holographic or glow in the dark tapes for a little more!  Message me your inquiry.

Your hoops will ship via USPS Priority Mail which takes 2-3 business days to arrive and also include a tracking number.





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