Frozen Hoops Hoopdance Hula Hoop Collapsible Dance Hoops Disney Frozen

Item Description

Let it go, let it flow! 

This is an ideal one of a kind gift for any Frozen fan this Holiday season!  This flashy Frozen dance hoop is a fun and active way to stay fit and have a blast at the same time!  Pretend you're Elsa and whisk your hoop into the air like a wand turning everything around you into an icey frozen wonderland! 

These hoops are figure 8 collapsible style which means they fold down so you can store them and gift them with ease!  You can choose any size you like.  I offer the mid-weight 3/4 size hoops with a diameter of 37"-42".  The lighter 1/2 size hoops are available from 35"-40".  Each hoop is decorated with the official Disney Frozen Duck tape over teal with a silver chrome stripe for extra sparkle!  Any special requests, just ask!  Bulk discounts available!   


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