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Stay close to nature, it will never fail you

These one of a kind feather bundle earrings are so bold and colorful.   Most importantly, they are comfortable and light to wear through all your journeys!  

This is In Fine Feathers' signature style of feather bundle earrings  from the Feather Dancer Collection.  Wrapped together with a beaded teal suede cord there are hand dyed, multi-colored, long, striped grizzly feathers, Peacock and Pheasant feathers with Cowrie shells added for good luck.   This pair of feather bundle earrings also has a small, round hematite bead strung on the white feather to protect you from negative vibes.  

These come with a standard hypo-allergenic, nickel free ear wire that latches shut so they won't slip out of your ears, however you can upgrade to sterling silver for a little more.  

Boho Life Feather Bundle Earrings will quickly become your favorite boho accessory!

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