DIY Henna Paste with Essential Oils for Natural Henna Tattoos

Item Description

This is premium quality Henna that will be cured and terped with a blend of essential oils to acheive dark red-brown stains. Do not use if you have allergies to either citrus or essential oils. You will receive a large rolled mylar cone to fill with henna paste to apply your tattoo. There will be enough paste to fully cover your hands, feet, arms and legs or to create many large tattoos on yourself and others! If you ever wanted to learn how to make Henna tattoos, this is a great way to start.

There is a good reason store bought henna kits never stain dark. They are improperly stored at room temperature. Henna rapidly expires while sitting on the shelf. My henna paste and powder is stored in air tight packaging and frozen until it ships.

I am an advocate for the safe and natural art of henna and I mix the henna paste and can assure the quality of ingredients and that they are natural and safe to use.  The paste contains essential oils such as lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil which are the safest essential oils for body application and are commonly used in many bath and body products that you can buy in stores.  As a consumer you should be very aware of the ingredients of any henna paste you are buying.  Most of the commercial henna cones you can buy contain toxic ingredients that cause blistering and scarring.  Also, natural henna, the only safe henna, does not come in a variety of colors and starts off light orange and turns into a reddish brown stain 24 hours after the paste is removed.  Black henna is not henna.  Black henna is a mix of chemicals that are highly toxic and may not even contain any trace of henna powder in it at all.  I would advise that you only buy henna paste that has been mixed by the actual seller.  Also, If you prefer an essential oil free or citrus free Henna tattoo kit,  message me and I will be able to help.

You may choose to either mix it yourself or have me mix the paste for you. Either way I will help you through the process with any questions you have.

You may want to use it all at once but you do not need to since henna paste that is stored in the freezer will stay good 6 months or more! Henna Care and Mixing the Paste instructions will be enclosed with your order. If you have any questions about this item do not hesitate to ask, just convo me.


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