Dream Catcher in Rainbow Warrior from Live Your Dreams Collection

Item Description

Don't just dream it, live it.

This is your life, it's your time, manifest your reality and give life to your dreams!  Just as a dream catcher, the intricate weavings forming a web to filter and protect you from all the negative energies and allow only light to reach you in your dreams, as in your own life.  Using feathers to guide  to you loving dreams and manifestations.

Allow this hand made, one of a kind dream catcher in Rainbow Warrior remind you of how protected, loved and capable you are to achieve and awaken your deepest dreams.

Rainbow Warrior is unique in it's coloring, a beaded circular rainbow weaved into the center and accented with a silver feather charm.  I've hand dyed all the rainbow colored feathers.  The silver hammered metal hoop measures 3 inches wide. 

Rainbow Warrior makes a well thought out and meaningful gift that will be cherished and admired.

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