Boho Dream Catcher Feather Earrings in Aura FREE SHIPPING

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Colorful energy flows through & around you

Creative, Peaceful and Wise

You are an evolving and flowing stream of understanding and purpose. 

Loving, imaginative and evolving colors of pink, pale blue and green are represented in this one of a kind pair of dream catcher feather bundle earrings reminding you to be peaceful with yourself and to trust. 

When Dream Catcher Earrings in Aura are worn, the feathers flow around you creating an ombre style rainbow measuring an impressive 15 inches in length!  Featured in these earrings are one of a kind feathers hand-dyed in an ombre color pattern that flows from fuschia on the top, yellow in the middle and green at the bottom of the feather which creates the appearance of aura flow.  The dream catcher hoop measures about one inch and wrapped in pale blue suede with a beaded center.

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