SALE Burlesque Fans in Black and Lace Set of Two for Burlesque Dancing

Item Description

Gorgeous Black Ostrich Feathers and Lace

This is for a set of two large feather fans that are great for costuming, practice and performances on stage!  These have an impressive span of around 45"-47" depending on natural variances of the feathers.   They call me "The Feather Lady" for a reason, each feather is hand selected and top quality, fluffy and thick.  The fan staves are plastic and they open and shut with ease.   This listing is fully customizable to your preference.  If you prefer wooden staves, double layers or other colors, just send me a message.   The lace portion can also easily be blinged out with rhinestones, silk flowers, whatever your heart desires!  Are you ready to finally have a set of beautiful fans because I am ready to make them for you!

Looking for something extra?  I also make custom head pieces.  

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