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Love Is Power

Love Warriors, you have been called to show the world that true power comes from love.  We need to heal this planet, the people, animals and make a way for a brighter future, it all starts with love.

A heart shaped hoop is a great way to make a statement while doing what you makes you shine, hooping your way into moments of bliss.  This hoop measures about 24 inches from point to point.  If you've never tried a heart shaped hoop, this is the time!  You will improve your skills tremendously, especially with isolations and jump throughs, which are really fun with heart hoops.  You will amaze anyone that watches!  These are especially great for group performances, especially any that are centered around the causes and movements that you support.

Custom colors available!  Choose from red, bright orange, yellow, lime green, teal, purple, hot pink, silver and gold chrome duck brand tape colors for this low price.  You can also upgrade to any type of hoop tape from prisms to color morphing, please message me your preferences and I will create your custom listing.  Bulk discounts also available!

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