SALE Large Burlesque Fans Vintage Inspired Sally Rand Feather Fans Set of Two

Item Description

Two Beautiful Vintage Inspired Fans!

The original idea for these fans came about from a custom order and I just loved the way they looked so much I've decided to offer these in my shop.  

These gorgeous feather fans are set on beautiful black and white embroidered fan with glimpses of gold.  The fan staves themselves are plastic but of course, are able to be customized to your preference.  The feathers used are "natural white" ostrich feathers, rather than the "bright white" bleached feathers because the natural white appears more vintage.  Then, layers of Marabou feathers were added to increase fluffiness at the base of the fans.  You can see the difference in the last photo of what the fans would look like without the Marabou feathers added and with them added.  The fans can open and close, making them great for performances!  Typically, these will measure around 45 inches in width and 22" in height, of course allowing for slight deviations resulting from the natural qualities of the feathers.  The feathers used are all hand selected, high quality feathers.  

Please allow on average two weeks to complete these orders, of course message me if you have any specific time requests.  

If you would like to further customize these fans, please send a request.  

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