Grateful Dead Inspired Dancing Bear Eyes of the World Henna Tambourine with Feathers

Item Description

"Wake now discover that you are the song that the morning brings"

I hand painted with henna on this 10 inch double ringed organic calf skin tambourine, a design with a dancing bear in the center of a mandala.   Inspired by Eyes of the World, I added my hand dyed turquoise and green feathers to represent the earth, two peacock eye feathers for the eyes, added a white ceramic star bead and a large white ostrich feather to represent the sky strung from a tan suede cord.  The henna design will not fade away!  The paste will over time flake off and reveal the dark reddish brown stain underneath so it will last as long as the tambourine.  This is a natural calf skin tambourine so it will sound better in warmer, drier temperatures because it will be tighter.  For chillier, wetter evenings, play it a little closer to the campfire and that will help tune it up. 

This tambourine deserves to be played for kind folk, around a campfire, with drums and maybe some strings along side it and positive vibes flowing all around because "sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own." -GD




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