Lavender Retreat Henna Paste Sealant for Henna Tattoos

Item Description

Allow your senses to be swept away to the lavender fields in Bulgaria.

This is exactly what I use on my customers when I do henna tattoos.  Sealant is very useful in colder, less humid climates or if you just want to make sure you get the best henna stain possible. The longer the henna paste stays on your skin, the better the color you will get on your henna tattoo.  This is for use on natural henna paste since I do not and will never use anything other than natural. 

Once your henna tattoo has been painted on and begins to dry you can give it a couple sprays of this sealant.  You will know it is ready for sealant when the paste is not shiny or wet.  The sealant is very sticky, which is the point, so be careful to not spray it on jewelry or clothing, though it will come off if you do.  The sealant takes a minute or two to dry but it will lock some of the moisture into the henna paste so more of the henna willl stick to the skin creating a better tattoo.  You do not need more than a couple sprays of this sealant.  I assure you will enjoy the wonderul scent of lavender that will linger after you spritz your henna tattoo so just relax and enjoy!

*This should be kept in the refrigerator when not using.   Also, if ordering with henna paste, I will combine shipping.

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