Pink Iridium Color Shifting Morph Hoop Infinity Figure 8 Collapsible Custom

Item Description

So surreal

Color shifting luminous colors flowing from pink and green and teal, this one is definitely up there with my favorites!  Outdoors in the sunlight, this hoop just glows like a magic bubble, indoors the colors are deep and enchanting.  You will definitely fall in love with this hoop!

Available in either 1/2 or 3/4 PE tubing within these limits:

1/2" 30-39" inside diameter

3/4" 36-42" inside diameter

The standard size for color morphing hoops in this shop is 1/2 35" but you can order any size.  The 1/2 35" is a great size for an intermediate level hooper.  Beginners should go with a 3/4 between 38-40".  If you are unsure what size to order, I am happy to help.  I also offer Goddess Rings for a little more, which are larger diameter hoops for anyone that could use the extra help getting started.

These are figure 8 or infinity style collapsible hoops so they will fold down to half the size for easier shipping and storing. 





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