Rainbow Warriors Pink Iridium Dance Hoop Infinity Color Morphing Hula Hoop

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This color-morphing mash-up is an upgrade to the already popular "Rainbow Warrior" color scheme with an added "Pink Iridium" color morphing stripe all the way around!

Pink- Women, Teal- Men, Green- Make the Earth green, Yellow- the Sun, Power

This hoop is enchanting, the base colors are also found in the color shifting shades of the Pink Iridium stripe which adds extra glow and shimmers in the sunlight, just like your aura, you beautiful Rainbow Warrior! 

This is a custom listing so you can choose the size that is right for you. 

The 3/4" which is the heavier style, weighs between 1.5- 2 pounds are available with inside diameters between 36"-42"

The 1/2" which is the lighter, thinner style weighs 1 pound and under are available with inside diameters between 30"-40"

The standard size for most Adult beginners is 3/4 40", though I also might recommend a 3/4 38" if you would like a bit more of a challenge. Most kids will do well with a 1/2" 35". If you need some help deciding what size to choose, please contact me. 

Goddess Rings are also available for $5 more. These are unique to In Fine Feathers and I have found that they have been extremely helpful to anyone that could use some extra help getting started. These come in inside diameters of +43" so they are larger, heavier and move more slowly. Please contact me if you feel this is the right choice for you and your personal hoop journey. 

This is an infinity style collapsible so it will fold down to half the size for easy storage and traveling.

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